In order to successfully install and run VAFS5 on your computer, please follow the instructions below. Failure to follow the instructions to the letter could result in VAFS5 not installing and/or running properly on your system. If you skipped a step or rushed through this guide, start over. Any and all installation related inquiries made in the website will be redirected to this FAQ Topic.

For Windows Vista and 7 users, always make sure you are installing AND starting/running  everything with “Run as Administrator”. This can be accomplished by right-clicking theinstaller / application and selecting “Run as Administrator”. This should be done wheninstalling and starting FSX, VAFS and FSUIPC.

Sign up with a Virtual Airline that runs VAFS5. As part of your registration process, you will receive an email entitled “New VAFS Pilot Account Activation” containing an activation link. Click the link and select a username and password which you will then use to login to the VAFS pilot client. Failure to complete the activation will result in you not being able to use VAFS.

Download the VAFS5 Client (VAFS5Setup.exe). Before doing so, read the following
carefully: If your operating system is Vista or Win 7, make sure you “Run as Administrator” the installer.
Once installed, locate the VAFS.exe in the install directory/VAFS5 folder, right-click on the Icon and select “Run as Administrator”.

In order for VAFS5 to communicate with FSX, you will need to download a free third-party software called FSUIPC. When downloading FSUIPC, make sure you are getting the version that is made for your Flight Simulator (Prepar3D, FSX, FS2004) and also pay attention to the build version. Some FSX users have indicated that the latest FSX version [4.853] (released September 6th 2012), is not working on their computer. The solution is to uninstall the latest version and revert to a previous version. Run the FSUIPC4 installation and follow the installer’s directions. When asked to register the product, leave the box blank and hit cancel. You only need to register the product if you purchased FSUIPC to access advanced features.

Launch the VAFS5 client and enter your username and password (see Step 1), then click “Login”. You need to be connected to the Internet in order for VAFS to work during login AND flight. If you receive a login error, make sure VAFS5 has the proper permissions to run (run as administrator, firewall/anti-virus settings) and make sure you are assigned a rank.

Once you log into the VAFS5 client for the first time, click on “VAFS Options”. Select your options (including Flight Simulator Version) and click “Save Options”. Once you have saved your options, run the “Flight Sim Airport Scenery Database” setup located on the right.
Simply follow the instructions listed there to complete the setup.

Note: The options that you cannot change (at the top) are pre-set by your virtual airline and apply to all pilots.

Once you have completed the above steps, VAFS5 will be properly installed and ready to use. To learn how to use the VAFS5 client.